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At the very heart of ridesharing is the intention to make you spend less on fuel and overall car maintenance. The need to spend less is paramount at this point in time. This is where ridesharing comes in to save the day and your pocket.Ridesharing, simply put, occurs where two or more people going to a mutual location or going along the same route – come together to manage resources by sharing a car to their respective destinations.

Jekalo provides ridesharing services that offer more for less to the car owners and riders that make use of the platform. We are going to explain just how less people who make use of our platform will spend on fuel and transportation costs.

A ride owner literally can go without having to pay for fuel: When a ride owner offers a ride, people going towards the same direction with the rideowner pay an amount less than they would if they used a cab and roughly the same amount if they used public transport. With the amount they pay (for a worker, this would be twice daily, five times a week), the rideowner will be able to pay for fuel with the proceeds from offering a ride.

A person who joins a ride going towards his direction will save up on transportation costs while enjoying comfort and security. With the hike in fuel price, transportation costs have gone up and a person would have to spend more than he formally would have if he takes a taxi to his destination. On jekalo, he pays much less. That is why we say we are #CheaperThanTaxisAndCoolerThanBuses.

We offer comfort and security for an affordable price. No one does it like we do. Based on this, we say that in this season of high fuel prices, we are the solution for spending less on fuel.

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