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My friend Josh was getting married and because I was notorious for my excellent driving skills I was chosen to be the official chauffeur for the couple. It was D-day and I dashed to his Uncle’s house to pick up the Toyota Prado he promised to lend them for the wedding. I turned on the ignition and realised that the car was low in fuel. I immediately hurried to the nearest petrol station to fill the tank for the activities ahead.

I got to the filling station and had to wait in line. When it was my turn the attendant told me to turn around and go to another pump because my fuel tank cap was on the wrong side of his pump. My friends, there is nothing more annoying than pulling up to a fuel pump only to discover the nozzle is on the opposite side of your fuel cap.

Fellow drivers, I don’t know if you have ever had to go through this kind of ordeal like I did but I left the fueling station determined to find out how to know which side your fuel tank cap is on.

I did some digging and here is what I found. Many modern cars have a little indicator on the dashboard, it is a small arrow head beside the fuel pump symbol that points to which side the fuel tank cap is.

I checked out some modern models of Lexus, Toyota, Ford and Nissan vehicles and they all had the arrow head. I also found out that the Audi and BMW cars that I checked out have their fuel tank caps on the drivers side.The Peugeot cars I saw do not have the arrow head and the fuel tank cap can be found on either side of their cars

Go take a look at your dashboard now and see if your car has the arrow head and if it matches the position of your fuel tank cap. Let us know what you find. Tell us the model of your car and If it has the arrow head indicator.

I hope this information helps. Enjoy your ride.

Below is a picture showing the Dashboard Fuel pump Icon and the arrow head symbol pointing to the right.

arrow head showing Fuel tank cap

Arrow Head beside Fuel Pump Icon


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