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Driving, basically involves a driver getting into his car, turning on the ignition, putting the car in gear,accelerating or decelerating while steering the car from point A to point B. During his trip he avoids being hit or hitting anyone.  Driving can be an enjoyable experience once mastered. One of the key requirements of mastery in driving is Focus.

Focus is the ability to direct one’s attention or effort at something specific. It is also a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding.

So a master driver  is one who is able to take his thoughts, the happenings on the road, the movement of pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles and makes them  align with his goal of safely moving himself, his vehicle and other passengers to their destination safely.

A master driver is prepared and learns to anticipate and course correct as he travels his route. A master driver is one who is         preemptive in his approach . He enjoys his driving experience and creates the same  for his passengers.

Here are examples of  things a master Driver should not do.

  1. A master Driver does not Text, chat or talking on a cell phone while driving. If you feel the calls or messages are important,  you are advised  to get off the road in a safe place to pick up calls and respond to the messages.
  2. A master Driver doesn’t engage in personal grooming on the go . The master driver must comb their hair, apply make up, trim their nails etc  before he begins his trip.
  3. A master Driver does not Eating while Driving  because he has to take his eyes of the road to peel that banana, remove that snack wrapper and open that can or bottle and accidents happen in seconds.
  4. A master driver knows where he is going, studies his maps and sets up his navigating systems before he makes his move.
  5. A master driver doesn’t drink alcohol and drive because It will blur his focus and affect his reflexes.
  6. A master driver doesn’t drive while they are drowsy or tired it will increase the likelihood of crash and accidents.
  7. A master driver will reduce the in car activity by keeping children and pets strapped, adjusting his seat mirrors etc. before he moves.
  8. A master Driver says no to romance in motion, dwelling on adverts and bill board and stays his focus on the his task of arriving safely at his destination.
  9. A master driver learns to seek help from others in the car if he must.
  10. A master Driver will add to the above.


Alright Master Drivers I await your contributions.